More powerful than intellectual and financial intelligence is social intelligence. With great social intelligence

  • you can live anywhere in the world for free,
  • you can attract amazing people into your life
  • you can have the life, promotion, business and help in any area of your life that you want

The idoms “it is now what you know but who you know” and “your network determines your net worth” have been true for centuries but how can you have great people in your life by being your authentic self and without having to suck up to others?

This books shares with you the inside techniques of many successful people who have either come from unprivileged backgrounds or did not have the social awareness to create truly deep connections with others.

I used to hate networking. Throughout my working life, I absolutely dreaded going to networking events. I hated the suits, I hated the stuffy conference rooms, and I hated talking to people that just wanted to sell me things I didn’t want. Does this sound familiar to you?

Then I had a huge realisation, I could change the way I networked! I didn’t have to wear a suit, I didn’t have to go to the stuffy conference rooms, and I didn’t need to talk to people that were intent on selling me stuff I didn’t need.

If you’re looking to: meet amazing people that you can provide value to and who will give back the same value, if you’re wondering where the most fun places to network are, and if you’re looking to make genuine connections with people, then this book is for you!

We’ll teach you how to avoid the most common errors of networking (that people who have been networking for years still make). We’ll also show you how you can unlock your value of your skills, your existing knowledge, and your current network.

Through exercises and step-by-step guides we’ll teach you how to engage people in a way that will enable fulfilling and meaningful conversations, and attract incredible people into your life.

Product Details:

  • An easy to use guide on fixing the most common networking errors
  • Three techniques to show you the value that you can provide to people
  • Detailed instructions on asking engaging questions and giving enthralling answers
  • 5 techniques to recovering from a bad conversation
  • The three secrets to turning people you meet networking into long-term clients